Graffwriter for ios

Graffwriter for IOS

Graffwriter is finally available for IOS... and it's FREE! We put all of the capabilities of our free web app plus much more into this new, much more powerful version that works natively on any iphone, ipad or ipod touch running system 6 or later.
Available on the App Store
Graffwriter Sample Art
Complete design freedom. Create whatever type of artwork you like.
Graffwriter Sample Art
Use unlimted fonts & styles in any design. No limits on characters.
Graffwriter Sample Art
Add free, hi-res stock images. Use unlimited layers and effects.
Graffwriter Sample Art
Use our templates to create custom artwork in seconds.
Graffwriter Sample Art
Save, Export & Share your designs for free right from the app.
Graffwriter Sample Art
Hundreds of FREE illustrations, images and fonts included.

A Powerful, Versatile & FREE Design Application

Design fully custom text & artwork with our exclusive Graffiti Fonts collection of typefaces & artwork FOR FREE!

Graffwriter is an easy & powerful design app featuring the official Graffiti Fonts® collection, the world's first & biggest collection of authentic graffiti style typefaces. With this free app you can easily design with an unlimited number of words, phrases, illustrations, stencils, stock images, cityscapes, paint splatters & drips, QR barcodes, or any photo/image from your device to create fully custom high resolution artwork & graphics in seconds.

With simple controls for text, color, gradients, effects, layers, transformations, layout & pre-made artwork templates you can create an endless number of original designs. Export, save or share your artwork, all for free.

Graffwriter is a universal app configured to take advantage of the power & design of any iPhone, iPad, or iPod. There are no ads & we do not collect any data from users. Personal/non-commercial use of this free app is unrestricted & any purchased content can be easily restored if your device is lost or damaged or if the app is deleted.

Graffwriter starts you off with tons of free content & features.

Free Content

• 10 free Graffiti Fonts® pre-installed, more free to download
• Over 250 High Quality System Fonts
• 12 Free Background Images
• 12 Free Cityscapes
• 12 Free Stencils
• 12 Free Illustrations
• 12 Free Paint Splatters
• 12 Free Artwork templates - just enter your text
• 100 Free credits to purchase more fonts & art
• New, free content immediately downloadable through the app

Free Features

• Enter any word or phrase
• Add as many words or phrases as you like to each design
• Choose a Graffiti Font® or system font for each piece of text
• Use any of the over 240 system fonts on your device.
• Customize colors & effects for text and artwork
• Move, scale, and rotate any object
• Unlimited, rearrangeable layers
• Unlimited text & art objects in each design
• Import any image from your device, combine multiple images in one design.
• Use image filters, adjustments & effects to stylize and enhance images
• Adjust the opacity of any text object or image.
• Optional, Free, anonymous accounts to back up your artwork and purchases remotely.

Free to Save, Export & Share

• Save an unlimited number of files
• Export full-screen layouts or automatically cropped artwork.
• Export into high resolution JPG or PNG format
• All exported artwork free for non-commercial use
• Transfer editable Graffwriter files to/from your desktop
• Transfer & share editable files to & from any IOS device

In addition to all the free content & features this app accesses the exclusive Graffiti Fonts® collection: an ever expanding, regularly updated collection of premium fonts & art available via free download & in-app purchase. Credits can be purchased (starting at $0.99 for 100 credits) allowing you to acquire additional fonts, art, & images for as little as $0.10 each.

Upgrades Available via in-app purchase:

• Purchase credits to spend on in-app fonts and art.
• High-res/PNG export for professional quality, print-ready designs
• Double the export resolution for both JPG & PNG images.
• Premium Graffiti Fonts® available for in-app use starting at $0.99
• Purchase, download, & transfer commercial quality OpenType fonts to your desktop computer
• Purchase any desktop font & get the in-app versions installed into Graffwriter for free.
• Purchase additional image filters & effects to enhance your photos & artwork for only $0.99 each.