Graffwriter for IOS

Graffwriter is finally available for IOS... and it's FREE! We put all of the capabilities of our free web app plus much more into this new, much more powerful version that works natively on any iphone, ipad or ipod touch running system 6 or later.
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Graffwriter Sample Art
Complete design freedom. Create whatever type of artwork you like.
Graffwriter Sample Art
Use unlimted fonts & styles in any design. No limits on characters.
Graffwriter Sample Art
Add free, hi-res stock images. Use unlimited layers and effects.
Graffwriter Sample Art
Use our templates to create custom artwork in seconds.
Graffwriter Sample Art
Save, Export & Share your designs for free right from the app.
Graffwriter Sample Art
Hundreds of FREE illustrations, images and fonts included.
Graffwriter for IOS was developed by Highground Industries. Please use the email form below to send us any type of questions or comments that you may have. We are happy to provide support, tips & any information you request. You may also use this form to inquire about artwork licensing.

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Graffwriter Help for iPhone/iPod

Selecting & Deselecting

Selecting Objects on the Artboard

To select any text object, image or anything on the artboard just tap it once. To un-select an item, tap it again. To switch selection to a different item simply tap any other item on the artboard. When no item is selected, any item may be moved, scaled or rotated.Selected items are surrounded by a light dotted outline. Only one item may be selected at any time.

You can move, scale & rotate items without first selecting them however while an item is selected, only that item can be changed or moved. You must select an item to use advanced editing features like color fills, gradient fills, strokes shadows, image filters etc.

If you have many items on the screen, or large items that fill the screen, it may be difficult to tap the item you want to select. In that case, you can use the Layers button to select the item.

Adding Text

Adding & Editing Text

When Graffwriter starts the app will display default text displaying the name you've given your device. The default text will be shown in a default font with some simple settings & effects to get you started. Tap "Edit" to begin customizing the design or tap "Text" to modify the word or phrase or to add a new one.

To enter any desired word or phrase simply tap "text" then tap "new text". The keyboard will appear. Enter your text and hit "done". Your text will appear on the screen using the last selected font. To edit an existing piece of text, select the desired text object by tapping it once, and then tap "Text", and then tap "Edit Text" to change the text.

Each text object (word or phrase) that you add can be styled with any font as well as any effects or settings you wish. Tap the text once to select it then tap "Edit" to acess the controls. Using the "Edit" menu you can control the fill modes, color, outline, shadow, transparency etc.. Text can be scaled up or down using a 2-finger pinch guesture & rotated using a 2-finger drag gesture.

Choosing a Font

Choosing a Graffiti Font or System Font

To change the font of a text object, first selct the text object by tapping it. Next tap "Text" in the menu & the text menu will appear. The currently selected font will appear on the right side of the menu. Tap the font title to display the menu of available fonts. There are 2 categories of fonts. Tap the "Graffiti Fonts" or "System Fonts" options at the top of the menu to view all of the available fonts under each category.

Graffwriter starts you off with 10 Graffiti Fonts for free as well as access to all of the system fonts installed on your device. Additional Graffiti Fonts are available to purchase using Graffwriter credits. More Graffiti Fonts can also be downloaded in content updates by tapping the "Get Updates" button found at the top left of the font menu (or any content menu). Content updates will download & add a combination of both free content & content you can purchase depending on what has become available. More info on content updates is included here.

Creating & Editing QR Codes

Creating & Editing QR codes

You can think of QR codes, or Quick Recognition codes, as another font that you can use. You can change the text in a QR code the same way you edit the words that have a regular font with them, by selecting the QR code that you want to change, and then tapping the TEXT button, and then the EDIT TEXT button. You can also use this method to see what the QR code says, if you have forgotten.

Adding Art & Images

Adding Artwork & Images

To add artwork, paint splatters or stencils from Graffwriter into your image just tap "art" then tapping "clip art", "stencils" or "paint". A menu will appear showing all of the available artwork for the category that you've selected.

To add an image to your design, tap "images". You can then choose to add a background image a city skyline from the Graffitifonts collection, or any image from your device. Just tap "backgrounds", "CityScapes" or "My Photos" then select the image you want from the picker.

Adding Your Photos

Adding your Own Photos

Adding your own image to the design is as simple as tapping "images" then tapping "my photos". You will be able to select from your personal Gallery of images on your device. You can add as many of your own photos or other images to a design as you like. The image filters & effects in Graffwriter will work on your images & photos. When you ask Graffwriter to import one of your photos for the first time the app will ask for permission to access your photos. If you grant permission you will not be asked again.

Your photos & images remain completely private. Graffwriter will not save or transmit your photos in any way. They will not be loaded to our servers & we will never see them. They will not be shared with anyone unless you choose the "Share" option under the "File" menu.

If you place & image from your device into your Graffwriter designs then delete the image from your device it will disappear from the design. Your design will still be functional & you can replace the image if you like.

Using Layers

Using Layers

Each item you add has its own layer, and the layers are stacked on top of each other. If you want to change which layer is on top, or to move one layer behind another layer, use the Layer button. Tap the graphic button on the far right of the toolbar to get to the Layer screen.

To move a layer in front of or behind another layer, locate the layer you want to move, and drag it up or down by pressing on the grip at the right margin, and dragging up or down. To delete a layer, unlock the layer by tapping its button on the far left to reveal the delete button, and then touch the delete button.

To simple select a layer and put a yellow border around it, tap the layer in the middle, and the layer will be selected and you will be returned to the artboard

Using the Edit Menu

Using the Edit Menu

To change the two fill colors of an object first make sure the object is selected, and then tap "Edit". The two fill colors, labelled F1 and F2 on the toolbar may be changed by tapping them to get to a color picker.

You will have 2 other colors you can change on text: the shadow color and the stroke color, which are labelled Shd and Str on the toolbar.

If you are editing a piece of text, you will also be able to change the width of the stroke, by tapping the width button.

Using Image Filters

Image Filters

To apply image effects first select an image object by tapping it once. Tap "edit" then tap "filters". An filter menu will appear, tap the filter that you want to use and controls for that filter will appear. Adjust the controls to your liking then press "done" and your filter will be applied.

Saving & Exporting Your Designs

Saving & Exporting Your Designs

You can save a copy of your work anytime, by tapping the File button, and then tapping "Save". A new copy of your work will be saved, with the current date and time and a preview image so you can find it again later in the Load Menu.

Your work is also saved automatically when you change to another task on your device, or when you kill the app. When you restart the app, the auto-saved version of your work will appear under the name "automatic" in the Load menu menu, and you can recover it.

Exporting Your Designs

Your artboard can be exported to your camera roll as a high-resolution image. Tap File, and then tap Export.

Buying & Using Credits

Buying & Using Credits

Graffwriter will start you off with 100 free credits which you can use to add fonts, art, images, filters & other content & capabilities to the the app. You can purchase more credits any time via in-app purchase. 100 credits costs $0.99, 500 credists costs $3.99 & 1,000 credists costs $7.99. You can view your number of remaining credits on the "Home" screen as well as the total credit value of all remaining contend and features available for purchase within the app. Each Graffiti Font™ & each image have different credit prices which are visible in the content menus. Credits do not expire. You may also receive additional free credits when you download content updates using the update button that appears at the top of each content menu.

Creating & Using Accounts

Creating & Using Accounts

Graffwriter accounts are completely free and anonymous. You do not need to set up an account to use the Graffwriter app. If you purchase in-app credits or purchase any items within the app using credits you will be prompted to set up a free account to back up your purchases, downloads & data & to restore them or and/or use them across all of your devices. If decline to set up an account your cash purchases from iTunes will still be protected and you will still be able to use and restore them across all your devices.

Buying More Fonts & Art

Buying More Fonts & Artwork

Additional fonts & art are available through content updates. Choose any category; Fonts, Art, Stencils, Paint, Backgrounds etc. A menu will appear showing all of the content that you currently have available. Scroll down to view all of the additional content that is available for purchase. Tap any piece of content. A screen will appear showing a preview of the content & giving you a choice to buy the item for use within the app or to purchase a commercial copy of the item for use on your desktop computer. Purchased items will be downloaded to your device & made available in the app. If you have purchased desktop versions they can be transfered to your desktop computer through iTunes File Sharing when you conect your device.

Adding & Updating Fonts & Art

Getting Free Fonts & Art with Content Updates

To download new free fonts & artwork just tap the "Get Updates button at the yop-left of each content menu. These updates will also upgrade all the existing fonts & artwork to the latest versions.

In each content menu, in the upper left hand corner is a button labeled "Get Updates". Tap this button & you will see a summarry of the next available update & a choice to download the update or cancel. If you choose to download The text of the button will change to "Updating"and when the download is complete the text will change to "Update Done". Once you see "Update Done" you can view & use all of the new font & image content included in the update. If additional content updates are available the button will still read "Get Updates"

Each content update will contain a mix of free fonts & art that you can use in your designs immediately & new premium items that you can purchase from any of the font & art content menus. If commercial desktop versions for new fonts are available you will have access to those as well.

Font & Artwork Menus

Font, Art & Image Menus

Graffitifonts fonts, stock images, stencils, clip art and backgrounds are all obtained through pickers. The pickers show you what fonts and artwork are available immediately for use in your artboard, what fonts and artwork you can purchase and download for use in your artboard, and whether there is new art, either free or for purchase, for use in the app.

The items that you can use immediately are in the top of the picker, and if you tap any of them, they will be selected for use and you will return to the artboard.

The items you can purchase for use in the app are below, and if you tap any of them, you get a closeup of the item, a price, and buttons you can use buy it for in-app use or commercial use.

Using the 4 Fill Modes

Using Fill Modes: Solid, Gradient & Hue Adjust

The "Edit" menu provides access to 4 fill modes which will work on any font or image content that you add to your design. The first (leftmost) of the 4 fill modes is the solid-color fill. This fills the selected object with a single color. Choose the deired color by tapping F1. The socond is the vertical gradient which fills the object with a gradient from the the F1 color on top to the F2 color on the bottom. The third is the horizontal gradient which blends F1 to F2 horizontally. The 4th fill mode is the "Hue Adjust". This control tints any image into the selected color. Note: for image content the solid fill option will return the image to its original state.

You can use several kinds of gradients on images, art and photos. A gradient is a blend of F1 (the primary fill color) and F2 (the secondary fill color), in one of several ways.

Sharing Your Designs With Apps & Sites

Sharing your work

To start sharing your artboard, tap File and then tap Share. Your artboard can be shared as a jpg or png image to other apps on your device such as facebook or instagram or any image editing app that you may have. The image that is shared has the same high resolution as the image that can be exported to your camera roll

To share via email, tap File, and then tap Share, and then tap Email. Note that email must be set up for your to share via email. To share with any app that can open JPG or PNG images, tap "File", then "Share", and then choose "as jpg" or "as png". Your device will present you with a list of apps with which you can share your artboard. Not all apps can receive a jpg or png image. Png images allow transparency or alpha to be exported: jpgs do not.

Loading Saved Files & Templates

Loading Saved Files & Templates

The "Load" menu provides access to all your saved designs as well as all of the pre-made designs provided by the app which you can customize in any way you like.

To reload a previously saved copy of your work, tap "File" and then tap "Load" (on ipad the file menu is open at the top of the screen) . You will be taken to the Load Menu, which. Touch the entry for your file, and it will be reloaded.

To delete a saved file, swipe the entry in the file picker, and then tap the red Delete button that is revealed. Deleting a file will not affect the current contents of the artboard.

To load a pre-made design template just tap the design that you like. When you're happy with your modification you can save the file normally & your version will be added to the "Load" menu with all your other files. The original template will remain available & unchanged.

Using the File menu

Using the File Menu

The file menu provides you buttons that allow you to erase the artboard (New), load an artboard you have saved in the past (Load), and save an artboard that you have created (Save). It also allows you to save your artboard to your camera roll (Export) and to share your artboard with apps that you have installed on your device (Share).

Saving Files To Mac or PC

Saving Files to Your Desktop

Graffwriter can transfer your editable Graffwriter designs, exported images & commercial fonts to your desktop computer via iTunes File Sharing. To transfer files to your desktop connect your device & open iTunes. Scroll down to the bottom of the "Apps" screen for your device where you will see all of the app which can share files with the desktop. For Graffwriter you will see 2 folders "Artboard" which contains your editable designs & "Commercial" which contains any commercial font packages that you have purchased or downloaded for free.

If you purchase commercial desktop fonts a zip file containing the fonts & supporting files will download to the "Commercial" folder your device. To transfer thoseto your desktop simply open the folder and drag the zip files to your desktop. Unzip the file and double-click the .otf files within to install the fonts & make them available to any app on your computer.

For designs that you have exported to "Photos" on your device use iPhoto to import the images to your desktop.

Restoring lost purchases & data

Restoring in-app purchases

If you need to restore your past purchases because you have deleted or reinstalled the app or because you have moved to a new device or added the Graffwriter app to additinal devices simply tap the "Restore" button located on the Home Screen. All of your cash & credit purchases will be restored.

Purchases made with in-app credits require the creation of a free Graffwriter account. When/if you attempt to purchase in-app credits or purchase any items with in-app credits you will be prompted to register a Graffwriter account. You can also create an account at any time from the Home Screen. Once an account is created all of your credit purchases will be protected. Simply log in & your past purchases will be restored.

Non-Destructive Editing

Nondestructive Editing

In Graffwriter every change you make to your design is reversible. If you modify the size, color, effect, placement, rotation or any aspect a text object, photo or image you can always change it back or apply other changes any time. If for exaple: you apply a hue adjustment from the edit menu to change a full-color photo into a black and white or monochrome image you can always remove or modify that adjustment. If you apply one of our imge filters that filter can always be removed by tapping "Normal" or switched to a different filter with a single tap on any other filter name in the menu.

If you place one of your personal photos into Graffwriter and edit it the original image will not be modified. If you want to save a permanently edited copy of a photo or design you can export your design to your Photos. Graffwriter will save all of your editable designs unless you delete them from the "load" menu.