Graffwriter for IOS

Graffwriter is finally available for IOS... and it's FREE! We put all of the capabilities of our free web app plus much more into this new, much more powerful version that works natively on any iphone, ipad or ipod touch running system 6 or later.
Available on the App Store
Graffwriter Sample Art
Complete design freedom. Create whatever type of artwork you like.
Graffwriter Sample Art
Use unlimted fonts & styles in any design. No limits on characters.
Graffwriter Sample Art
Add free, hi-res stock images. Use unlimited layers and effects.
Graffwriter Sample Art
Use our templates to create custom artwork in seconds.
Graffwriter Sample Art
Save, Export & Share your designs for free right from the app.
Graffwriter Sample Art
Hundreds of FREE illustrations, images and fonts included.

Graffwriter IOS Privacy Policy

Graffwriter does not access, view, save or transmit any personally identifiable information about our users or their devices. OPTIONALLY you can use an email address to help protect your data. We do not send any spam, marketing or informational emails to these addreses & we do not share them with anyone.

Your Information:

Graffwriter works with no required account set up. All of the apps features can be used without ever registering an account. The optional account registration offered within the app is used only to protect & restore the in-app credits & content that you earn in the app or buy through iTunes. The account sign up requires only an email address & we can not see the password that you choose. With the exception of in-app credits based purchases: every in-app purchase can be restored directly from iTunes without ever registering or logging into an optional Graffwriter account.

You do not need to sign up, sign in or sign anything. We do not collect any information about your identity or any of your accounts or activity. The Graffwriter app does not know who you are. though it DOES know the name that you give to your device such as "Mary's iPod". This information exists only on your device and is not collected, saved or transmitted in any way. Graffwriter uses this device name only to create default artwork when the app first opens.


Graffwriter can share images with most social networking, image editing & email apps (any IOS app that can open JPG or PNG images) however Graffwriter DOES NOT view, save, collect, transmit or otherwise access any of your account information for any apps, sites or social networks. Graffwriter will never ask for access to your social networking accounts or email addresses. Graffwriter uses the built-in sharing capabilities of IOS to identify apps on your device that are capable of opening and/or sharing your artwork.

Access To Your Photos:

Graffwriter will ask for permission to access your photos if you choose to import a photo or image from your device or if you choose to export an image of your design. You can reject this permission & Graffwriter will not access your photos at all. If you try to import/export to or from your photo library again graffwriter will again ask for your permission. If you give the Graffwriter app permission to access your photos it will not ask again in the future.

Your Purchases & Downloads:

Graffwriter provides access to additional fonts, artwork and images that can be downloaded via in-app purchases. These purchases go through iTunes® & we do not store or collect any information about your account. Some content within the app is delivered from our servers but NO personal or device information is collected in the process.

Graffwriter™ Does Not:

  • Access your camera or microphone
  • Require account set up
  • Access your contacts
  • Access your social networks
  • Collect any personally identifiable information
  • Share, trade or sell any information from or about you.
  • Publish your designs or images without your permission.
  • Spy on your activity outside the Graffwriter App
  • …or make you a sandwich.

It just helps you create artwork.


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